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Landscape Lighting

Webb & Son Landscape, Inc. provides comprehensive outdoor landscape lighting services, including design, installation, and exceptional servicing. Whether you want to brighten your house or business, we will collaborate with you to create landscape lighting systems that suit your budget and needs. Our custom-designed landscape lighting will illuminate the night for nighttime leisure and boost safety and security.

Landscape Lighting Solutions Professionals

Landscape Lighting, Rosamond, CA As mentioned, we provide commercial and residential clients in Rosamond, California, and the surrounding areas with superior landscape design, maintenance, repair services and landscape lighting options. We understand when and how to place floodlighting, downlighting, and uplighting to create the most stunning nighttime views in your landscape.

Positioning your property's lighting fixtures is crucial since it helps emphasize elements such as masonry and tree structures. Our team of qualified and skilled experts will examine the various aspects of your environment, noting any fire features and water features, and strategically place the lights to accentuate them. We include extra outdoor lighting approaches and provide design, installation, and maintenance services for these elements.

Led Outdoor Lighting

Most property owners want energy-efficient landscape lighting installations, and we use LED light fixtures in our projects. These lights consume approximately 80% less energy than conventional bulbs, leading to substantial savings on energy costs.

Although these bulbs are initially more expensive, their 50,000-hour lifespan makes them an economical choice in the long term. We provide comprehensive guarantees for all our projects, while some manufacturers with whom we do business offer supplementary warranties on the fittings.

Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Some clients believe that low-voltage lighting will not emit adequate illumination. However, this isn't the case. Low-voltage lights emit sufficient light to create the impact you want. Some other facts about soft voltage lighting include:

  • In addition to LED lights, we install dimmers, switches, motion sensors, photocells, dimmers, switches, relays, and timers, all of which significantly optimize energy efficiency.
  • Our skilled technicians can create moonlight effects and focal points. They can alter the position of the installations in your landscape, the light angles, and the wattage of the bulbs for the best effects.

Even when employed at night, these elements have a comparatively low operational expense as they are designed to shut off automatically when not in use.

Reliable Landscape Lighting Installations

Our team will install all the cabling carefully using secure fasteners. We use the best quality products in our work, ensuring the landscape lighting system's durability. When we leave, you won't even realize we were there.

We also plan your outdoor lighting so that you can upgrade or add to it in the future without disrupting your landscape's elements. The landscaping, grass, mulch, and pavers remain in the same positions. We aim to bring your property to life at night with a spectacular light show.

If you need additional details about our landscape lighting services, please use this Contact Us form to send us queries. You can also call Webb & Son Landscape, Inc. at 818-342-1600 or 661-952-3521 and discuss your requirements with our skilled team, and we will respond soon.

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