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Landscape Services

Landscape Services, Rosamond, CA Webb and Son Landscape, Inc. is among the most reputable hardscaping companies in the region, servicing both commercial and residential clients in Rosamond, California, and surrounding areas. Our innovative and high-quality creations are both distinctive and highly valued. As a reputable and established business, we go above and beyond to provide our customers with exceptional experiences. We provide the perfect combination of quality, cost, and dependability, ensuring that you always obtain value while working with us. Our expertise can help you develop new landscapes from scratch or add a few things to an existing site. They will assist you with material selection, softscape, and hardscape design and installation, and enhance your outdoor space's aesthetic appeal. Our comprehensive approach guarantees that the external areas of your commercial or residential property are functional, durable, and simple to maintain. Our expertise encompasses all aspects of hardscape design, layout, and placement, including installing several paver features. We offer the following services to our residential and commercial clients.


We recognize that you want your home or business’ outdoors to be unique and appealing. Therefore, we have landscape designers on staff who specialize in creating spectacular architectural designs for your property. We start the landscaping implementation process when you approve the design, vision, and goods to be used. We only hire the most qualified masons and installers, which shows in the final output, and our project supervisors guarantee the timely completion of your project. We stress using eco-friendly components and techniques, such as solar and LED lighting, automated irrigation systems, etc. This methodology, along with water-efficient and energy-efficient solutions, allows us to create beautiful and sustainable outdoor spaces for our clients. Along with various hardscapes, we can assist you with softscape and hardscape design to create well-balanced outdoor spaces on your property. We select the highest-quality supplies and materials to construct aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly outdoor environments for our clients' lasting enjoyment. Read More About Landscaping »

Landscape Design

All commercial and residential landscapes need careful planning and implementation. To attain the most pleasing outcomes possible, you need the services of reputable professionals like us. With years of professional expertise in landscaping, we plan and approach each job systematically. We are committed to offering clients quality design concepts at reasonable costs. Our team of highly skilled landscape designers can design and construct a modest home yard or a large commercial outdoor space. In addition to creating water features, ornamental rock structures, paved surfaces, masonry, and retaining walls, we also build garden steps and flowerbeds and install suitable outdoor lighting. Our originality and proficiency add to the attractive appearance of your property. We strongly emphasize the dependability, quality, and value of our services. It guarantees that every time a client hires us for a landscaping project, big or little, they receive exceptional value. Read More About Landscape Design »

Landscape Installation

To add aesthetic value to your house or place of business, you must carefully design your landscaping. If these places seem shabby or out-of-date, or if they lose utility, you should consider landscaping improvements. By combining a range of features, a landscape may become more utilitarian. Working with a group of trained and seasoned design professionals is the most efficient method for reaching this objective. We specialize in the business and are proud of our ability to develop ideal commercial and residential clients' landscapes. Our customers profit from our knowledge in this field. Our company is committed to providing high-quality solutions, guaranteeing that every feature we create is functional and aesthetically pleasing. Homeowners may need just a few modest additions or improvements, which are not necessarily substantial structural alterations. We work on projects of any size and provide various landscape improvement services. The team ensures that all the new features and elements blend perfectly with the existing ones. Read More About Landscape Installation »

Drought Tolerant Landscaping

When designing an outdoor space, you want to guarantee that all the areas are aesthetically pleasing, durable, and low maintenance. Additionally, many homeowners consider sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Considering this, many people are opting for drought-resistant landscaping. We provide and assist in designing and installing various drought-resistant plants. Our team has excellent horticulture knowledge and familiarity with many plants, shrubs, grasses, trees, and soil types. We use this expertise and experience to design and construct beautiful, drought-resistant landscapes. There are a variety of succulents and other minimal-watering plants that we may employ in our designs. The objective is to create an aesthetically pleasing, sustainable, and long-lasting environment. When you choose water-efficient vegetation, you will save water and money in the long run. We can assist you if you'd like to add a few drought-resistant succulents to your current landscaping or need plants for the entirety of your project. Read More About Drought Tolerant Landscaping »

Native Plant Landscapes

Over the years, many regional property owners have been enquiring about native plant landscapes. Due to drought circumstances and increased water conservation awareness, this landscaping design is gaining popularity in several U.S. states. We provide the finest installations of native plants for new and existing landscapes. With the water paucity situation in California, every property owner is now considering ways and means to reduce their outdoor water consumption. We understand the importance of this aspect and work with clients to help them achieve their objectives. Native plant landscaping is ideal for every location, and we can design the most beautiful outdoor environments without sacrificing use or aesthetics. Our staff will assist with selecting drought-resistant native plants, bushes, and ground cover. We recommend using native trees and shrubs that flourish in all-weather without requiring much watering or maintenance. Read More About Native Plant Landscapes »

Water Features

In addition to creating and constructing water features, we will work closely with you to develop a plan that meets your requirements. With our water features, you can convert your landscaping or yard into a piece of beauty. Installing water features in your landscape will improve its aesthetics and raise your property’s resale value. Designers aim to develop water features that suit the surrounding environment. Our services are available for the construction of koi ponds, waterfalls, stone fountains, streams, etc. You can feel confident that the water features we develop and install for you will improve the appearance of your yard and survive for many years. Whenever you need to replace the present water element in your backyard, we can help. Regardless of your unique requirements, our company can assist you in designing stunning outdoor areas for your residential or business property. Read More About Water Features »

Irrigation Systems

We provide various services, including irrigation installation and maintenance, lawn sprinklers, soaker hose, drip irrigation systems, and more. We have the expertise and experience required to design and develop the appropriate landscape irrigation system for your property. Creating robust and long-lasting outdoor spaces demands effort and the necessary skills. Our industry expertise enables us to ensure that your plants, grass, and trees are appropriately watered. In addition, we install the most advanced rain sensors and automatic irrigation systems in commercial and residential gardens. Our business helps with landscape irrigation installations and upgrades and has in-depth knowledge regarding the watering requirements of different plant kinds. Because of this experience, we can help clients make informed decisions on landscape irrigation layouts and solutions. To sufficiently water all your plants, grasses, and trees, selecting the optimal irrigation system is crucial. This technique aids in maintaining the optimal condition and vitality of your plants and lawns. Read More About Irrigation Systems »

Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting is one of many variables that contribute to creating distinctive landscapes. It is a crucial part of landscape architecture frequently neglected by property owners, diminishing the impact of their beautiful settings. You cannot just switch on the spotlights outside your home to provide a dramatic effect. However, it is possible to improve the ambiance of your property using a range of landscaping elements. In addition to displaying and accentuating the best features of your surroundings, lighting completes the aesthetic of your home. Our clients can depend on us to provide the highest-quality alternatives for their exterior lighting requirements. We are familiar with the optimal placement of outdoor lighting for your property or business. In addition to the latest lighting systems, we also provide underwater lighting for ponds and waterfalls on your property. Read More About Landscape Lighting »

Brush Clearing

If you are planning to develop a site or build a landscape on unused land, you would need brush-clearing services. Some argue that employing a company to clean the land is unnecessary, and they can remove the grass and tree stumps manually. But there are many reasons to call a professional land-clearing business like ours. When vegetation is removed from an area, land clearing and gaining access to the site become more manageable. Utilizing forest mulchers and cutters to clear plants, trees, and stones in preparation for your construction project is preferable to labor-intensive and time-consuming manual methods. Using brush removal machinery simplifies the labor-intensive operation of physically cleaning a location. It is necessary to hire expert brush removal professionals like us to prepare a site for development. It guarantees you good value for your money and complete peace of mind. We work systematically, clearing the property of the brush so it’s ready for construction or use. Read More About Brush Clearing »

We have the expertise and skills necessary to design and build various landscaping and masonry components for your property. Our input will make your outdoors more attractive and inviting throughout the year. Our company is renowned for excellence in all aspects of hardscape and landscape design, planning, installation, and maintenance. We have extensive industry knowledge and the capability to create innovative solutions. We construct one-of-a-kind, low-maintenance outdoor environments using the highest-quality techniques and supplies. Combined with our focus on quality, this approach generates outstanding value for our customers. If you need additional details about our comprehensive landscaping services, please use this Contact Us form to send us queries. You can also call Webb and Son Landscape, Inc. at 818-342-1600 or 661-952-3521 and discuss your requirements with our skilled team, and we will respond soon to help you with the information you need.

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